Stade Prince Moulay Abdellah

Placeholder Stade Prince Moulay Abdellah

Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Rabat, Morocco. It is named after Prince Moulay Abdellah of Morocco. It was built in 1983 and is the home ground of Association sportive des FAR. It is currently used mostly for football matches and it can also stage athletics. Wikipedia Stadium made by Saul Silva

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Stadiums | FIFA 16 Ultimate Stadium Packs

Placeholder Stadiums FIFA 16 Ultimate Stadium Packs

(ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs – (Stadium Server CGFS 16) A huge thanks to Shawminator for creating the (Stadium Server CGFS 16) as well as to all the creators of the Stadiums. And a really huge thanks to Kotiara for helping to make this possible. Before adding these Stadiums, ensure you have the Stadium Server first. Then just copy each Stadium into the StadiumGBD Folder in your ...

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